Integrating a Mobile App into your eCommerce Store

If you are a business owner and running an online store based in Australia or in any part of the world, records show that 53% of Australians are using an online store to shop for what they need.  It is predicted by business communities that this trend will go up from $16B in 2012 to $26.9B in 2016 on a compound yearly growth increase of 4.1%. . (

To cope with local and global competition, business owners and web developers are trying to discover and create apps, functionality, strategy, and features that will meet the expectations of customers. It was also seen that consolidation and merging of companies will continue to increase. It was in 2013 when AussieCommerce did group buying and Cudo and Graysoline acquired (-

By having a website is not enough these days; integrating mobile apps with ecommerce can improve traffic and increase conversion rates. This is because customers prefer convenience and flexibility in shopping for what they want.

Records show that mobile commerce or a system where users do banking  transactions such as paying bills or purchasing some items and services online with the use of their smartphones or any mobile device.  In 2013, there were more than 3 million Australians who use these online services which was higher than 2010 records of 0.62 million or an equivalent of 448%. Other online activities that users do through their mobile devices are checking of their account balances and making research on the items and services they want to purchase online.

Online retailers are now facing the challenge of stiff competition by using tools and apps that can connect them fast and conveniently to their customers and visitors. One of these strategies is an effective mobile optimised website.

Here are some reasons why having your website optimised  with mobile apps:

  • There is an increasing use of mobile devices for online shopping and research and the rate is not slowing down. And the only way to be competitive is to optimise your online store with mobile
  • There is an increasing need to satisfy the expectations of visitors. High traffic and rise in conversion rates and sales revenues are indicators of successful business. But most important factor is customers and visitors’ satisfaction by meeting their needs. Make your website a mobile-ready to connect to wider audience anytime and anywhere they are.
  • Visitors and customers are looking for simplified menus, vertical scrolling, full-sized images of products, and a single-click payment method. Website optimised with mobile apps need not have complicated methods or systems. This can be frustrating to customers and potential buyers. Most important is that your website can be easily accessed, convenient, and flexible to use.
  • Website optimised with mobile should have relevant content and images compatible with different devices. There are people who prefer to purchase products and services through tablets than on smartphone where users can do research and comparison. Optimise your website the way people think and act.
  • Improving your website with advanced but simple apps can put you on the advantage. Make a research on all or most of your competitors’ websites and see and review if they are mobile optimised or how you can improve what they have. You can create a benchmark in the industry if you want to.
  • Faster page loading satisfies browsers and customers. When your page loads too slow, great chances are your visitors and potential buyers will go somewhere else where pages load faster than yours. Try to do the following for faster loading system:
    • Use less images or photos
    • Eliminate complicated functionality
    • Keep your webpage length to its minimum requirement
    • Compress your files
    • Use your cache effectively

Magento Store and Mobile Apps

Magento offers Simi Cart for mobile shopping app at one-time payment of $199. It is a mobile app builder platform which helps you create native app for your online store. It is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Your online stores and mobile stores are synchronized with product description, photos and images, product number, customer’s account records, ordering, and more.

Magento Web Consultants

Employing the services of experienced and reliable Magento web consultants will assist you in determining the basic and necessary features, apps, extensions, and functionality to be successful on your online ventures. For free consultation, get in touch.

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