Magento Upgrade Services

Keeping Your Online Store Stable and Efficient

Regularly upgrading your Magento installation means that your ecommerce website continues to run smoothly, is equipped with the newest features, and protected with the latest security updates.

The internet is evolving all the time – software and technologies are improved, development standards are updated, and unfortunately, hackers find new ways to breach website security. Magento upgrade services are the best way to ensure your website is protected and continues to run efficiently, thus keeping you and your customers’ data secure and maximising the shopping experience for your visitors.

Why Choose Magentiv?

Our experienced Magento developers based in Sydney offer Magento maintenance services to regularly update and improve your ecommerce installation.

Ecommerce websites can be made up of many moving parts, and performing core software and extension updates can be complex. Magento is a leading ecommerce platform due to its versatile nature, and this means that every different online store is unique with its own requirements.

By entrusting your Magento upgrade services to the skilled Magento developers on the Magentiv team, you can rest assured that your website is updated and thoroughly tested to the highest standards to keep your online store running at optimum levels.

Why Upgrade Your Magento Website?

You might be wondering if it is really worth the time and effort to update your Magento online store. Everything looks fine and seems to be working, right? While all might seem rosy on the surface, by not regularly updating your Magento installation you risk missing out on feature improvements, upgrades for optimum functionality of extensions such as payment gateways, and most importantly, security updates to keep your website and customer transaction data protected from threats.

This could lead to your website not functioning as efficiently as possible and thus hurting customer experience, or your website could go down or be breached due to holes in your security.

Benefits of Regular Magento Upgrades

  • To optimise your site for increased page load times, improving customer experience and search engine optimisation
  • To maintain strong security against malware and hackers
  • To fix bugs and maintain website stability
  • To take advantage of new and improved functionality

Our Magento developers have years of experience in the platform, and can help keep your site running as it should. Some of our Magento upgrade services include:

  • Internal audits of your website’s modules and core software
  • Magento database updates and bug fixes
  • Thorough testing after updates on desktop and mobile devices
  • Monitor updates and repair any issues that arise
  • Ongoing technical support

Avoid the stress of upgrading your Magento website, and leave it to the experts. Using our knowledge and skills, we will install necessary updates, identify and fix any technical issues which may arise and make sure your website is secure, stable, and running in top-notch condition to help improve customer experience and consequently maximise sales.

Drop us a line today for a chat about how we can help upgrade your Magento online store.

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