Magento Performance and Optimisation

For reliable website performance and quick load times, choose our Magento optimisation services.

Arguable the one major factor that will determine the success of your online store is customer experience and satisfaction, to ensure they come back to shop with you again and again – and hopefully tell all their friends!

A large part of good user experience depends on an ecommerce website that is fast loading and efficient, allowing visitors to browse with ease. Internet users expect to be able to navigate around a website quickly and in limited time, and sales may suffer if your site is slow and not performing at optimum levels. Search engines such as Google also recognise the value of a fast-loading ecommerce website, and tend to favour these in search rankings – meaning that Magento performance is another tool you can utilise for good search engine optimisation.

At Magentiv, our professional Magento developers have the skills and expertise to help optimise your ecommerce website for maximum performance.

Factors Affecting Load Times

There are many factors which contribute to how quickly or slowly your website is loading, which should be monitored regularly. These include:

Server Configuration

The type of server you are using for your web hosting has a huge bearing on how efficiently your Magento site is loading. Cheap hosting plans might seem like a bargain, but the reality is they will not perform as well as a dedicated hosting server configured for your specific needs. Magentiv understands the requirements and best specifications for your online store to perform as it should.


Caching can be thought of as the short-term memory of your ecommerce website. When managed in the right way, caching can help speed up your website and make sure your customers can navigate around your website quickly.


Every ecommerce website includes images, first and foremost in the catalogue for displaying product photos – but it is vital that images are optimised for the web, especially if customers are browsing your online store on their mobile phone where data use is an important consideration. Avoid uploading high-resolution images directly from a camera as this will significantly reduce load times. Make sure to resize images to be web-friendly.


Proper product indexing and caching is important to ensure your website is performing efficiently, especially if you are uploading a large product catalogue.

An ecommerce website is made up of many moving parts that can lead to or hinder its success, and Magento optimisation services are vital to make sure your site is not only loading quickly for good customer experience, but also to help improve your Google rankings. Our professional Magento developers have years of experience working with the platform, and we offer Magento hosting and optimisation services specific to Magento websites to ensure your online store is performing at its peak.

Have a chat with us today about how Magentiv can optimise your website.

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