Magento Responsive Design

Reach your customers on the go!

Build your online store with Magento responsive design to sell your products effectively and provide your customers with a great shopping experience on all devices.

You’re most likely aware that these days people are accessing the web and shopping online on their smartphones more and more. It is imperative that a user-friendly website offers the capability for mobile browsing to let your customers browse and buy with ease – a mobile responsive Magento site increases your target audience by making your site accessible anywhere.

Recently Google has even started ranking non-responsive sites lower in search results, so a mobile-friendly is good for your search visibility as well as your sales revenue! Customers expect to be able to shop online from any device, and your business can’t afford to miss out on taking advantage of this increased accessibility.

Why Responsive Web Design is the Right Choice

Using a responsive theme on your Magento store provides customers with flexibility and easy accessibility for viewing products on all screen sizes, such as iPhones and iPads. With a mobile responsive theme, you provide an enhanced shopping experience and better usability for customers wanting to shop on the go. Statistics show that mobile visitors generally account for more than 15% of your traffic, and the percentage of your potential customers browsing your store on their smartphones is only set to increase.

At Magentiv we specialise in mobile responsive Magento development, jam-packed with all the great features users can enjoy on your desktop site. We can even upgrade your existing Magento website, keeping the design in line with your current theme and branding and retain all the amazing Magento features and functionality powering your online store.

Turn Your Magento Store into a Mobile App

Magento is an open-source, fully customisable platform that can even be transformed into a native iOS or Android app for your business, available through the Apple Store and Google Play. Our Magento and app development specialists can work with you to create an app that will mean customers can access your store in more ways than ever before.

Bring you customers a better shopping experience by contacting us today for a free consultation and learn how you can maximise exposure of your ecommerce website!

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