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How to Enhance Sales Conversion of your Landing Pages


A landing page that attracts visitors to stay longer on your online store will give you higher chance of sales conversion and success. Learn how.

Landing page, also known as lead capture page, refers to specific webpage that shows up when a user clicks on a search engine link or PPC link. It can be a product page, a service page or any web page that has content related to keyword search used by the browser. It is crucial to achieve your business goals, thus, it should be developed in way that it can inspire and make visitors to take action such as using a coupon to purchase a product, or download a content, or participate in a webinar, and other purposes. Properly planned and well-designed landing page is crucial and can increase chances of better leads for your online venture. When you have a poorly-designed landing page, visitors leave before they can even see the whole content and purpose of your site.

Consider these few useful tips in creating an engaging landing page:

  1. It should contain sufficient business information. Customer loyalty can be gained through trust, and they want to know whether your business is not a scam or fake by knowing that your business information is authentic. Show your visitors that you are “real” by providing exact company address, telephone address, email add, and if possible a Google map of your address. This is ideal for PPC or Pay-per-Click campaigns and drawing visitors to your landing page. Generally, first-time visitors have no idea about you and your business and you have to show that you are authentic, that you mean business, and that it is safe to contact you. By providing links to your social media accounts like Facebook or LinkedIn will show that you can be trusted and they can contact you any time and see company updates.
  2. It should contain a reliable Contact Form. Aside from providing your visitors with your reliable business information and contact details, it is also ideal to get some basic contact information about your visitors. Avoid lengthy form but contact name, telephone number, and an email add may be sufficient to initiate communication with them.
  3. Develop a landing page that makes visitors stick around longer. It should be readable and easy to comprehend. It should make visitors focus on the content of webpage. Avoid being cluttered and disorganized that make visitors leave immediately as they landed on your page. Engage visitors to make their initial move of filling out the form. When this happens, there will be great chances of sales conversion.
  4. Develop and create an appealing landing page that attracts visitors and stay, and then later take an action. An attractive image or an engaging opening text header may draw the attention of visitors. However, be sure that your content and images are relevant to the landing page.
  5. Include relevant quotes, testimonies, reviews, or even customer videos on the landing page. It does not have to be at the center of the webpage but having them on a sidebar or including a link to a customer’s testimonies will pave higher chances of building trust and confidence among visitors and customers.
  6. Provide your visitors with incentive and a call-to-action. Incentives like coupons and webinars may do some magic among visitors and customers. And remember to place a call-to-action on the landing page where it is easily recognized but avoid cluttered landing page that annoy visitors and customers. Keep it simple yet appealing and engaging.

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