Magento Enterprise 1.13: Better Features for Businesses

Discover Magento Enterprise 1.3 version and how it works to provide better online shopping experience to shoppers.

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Magento Enterprise continues to find ways to improve its features and functionality, both for web owners and online shoppers. In 2013, it has launched new and better key features and scability with Magento Enterprise 1.13:

  1. Optimised Index for Magento Enterprise to allow quicker indexing. This means that it will be faster and easier if you want to add and update your products as often as you want without affecting shoppers’ buying experience. It will also make sure that your URLs, marketing, browsing menus and product search features are always updated. This improved feature saves you time and effort in re-indexing and concentrates your time on managing your online shop to generate better sales revenues.
  2. Better caching features that make sure that there higher volume of pages can be loaded faster. Caching allows greater performance through filtering the most significant pages to ensure easy caching of the content without affecting the shopping experience of your customers. It also lessens the server load that allows your online store to sustain greater traffic volumes while doing backend activities.
  3. Faster Checkout process by decreasing the loading of web pages for browsing and making purchases. This faster checkout system will provide customers better shopping experience and customers’ satisfaction.
  4. Improved tax computations algorithms that remove the rounding offsets which are shown in the customers’ screens.
  5. Better 350 functional enhancements in major areas in Magento Enterprise features which includes web store, shopping cart, admin order, import and export features, web API sections, and its payment systems.

Magento Enterprise does not stop here. It continues to discover ways to improve online shopping experience and help business owners gain higher sales revenues.

Magento has made its official announcements that Magento Go is closing effective February 1, 2015 but assures all web owners using Magento Go will not be affected, especially during the Holiday season. It will continue to function normally and its customer services will still be given until February 1, 2015. Therefore, there will be no new Magento Go accounts that will be created.  Magento assures will help its Magento Go clients during the transition period to a fresher and better ecommerce solution by providing their planning and special offers in their Migration Center.

Magento will concentrate on Magento Enterprise and Magento Community editions. These are two ecommerce solutions that they believe will provide better support and give both small and medium-sized businesses to grow more and be more competitive. Reliable Magento web designers will be able to help you in providing you with professional advice on the best features your online store needs.



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