Hiring a Magento Developer in 5 Steps

When it comes to building an online store, Magento is the obvious choice. It’s powerful, inexpensive, and well-supported. However, when it comes to finding people to help implement the platform the choice is much less obvious. Magento developers are a varied lot and there are great differences in skill even among professionals. You can’t just pick the cheapest and hope for the best. To find the right expert, you must take your needs into account.

1. Check their portfolio

If you want to see what they can do for you, look to their past performance. The developer should be proud of the things they’ve accomplished. Also, those things should be close to what you have in mind. What ideas do they have for your project? Have they done similar work before, and under similar conditions? It’s important to arrange a meeting to see how this person or company works. Be sure to get a clear picture of the services they offer.

2. Ask for references

Once you’ve winnowed the list of developers, ask for references. Reputable freelancers and companies won’t have any trouble providing them, and you want to weed out the ones that lack experience. Even if they call themselves Magento developers, that doesn’t always make them qualified for the job. Make sure that the one you choose has done a variety of projects and will teach you the inner workings of the system.

3. Explain your goals

It’s important that the developer understands your situation. Describe your business precisely and in detail—this will help you and the developer find out if you’re right for each other. What does your business need? How much SEO does it call for? Will your online store require custom-built extensions? Try to explain things visually as well as verbally. Your business might require unique features and you don’t want the developer to build something that doesn’t match your expectations.

4. Consider price and quality

Cheap isn’t always the best option. The lowest bidder may be a trap, promising low fees but doing shoddy work that must be redone by another developer. On the other hand, the most expensive provider isn’t always the best option either. You need a developer that fits your budget and delivers the best value for money. Look carefully at what each company is offering. Which is best for your needs?

5. Choose experience and skill

A Magento development company needs to consist of certified Magento developers. This ensures that they’re thoroughly familiar with the platform. Experts are needed when it comes to integrating essential features into the website and it takes up-to-date skills to keep the thing from looking old-fashioned. Unless you’re interested in owning a museum piece, turn to a professional for an online store with a modern look and streamlined user experience.

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