Choosing the Right Magento Edition for your Business

Successful businesses start with the right choice; choose the right platform that consumers are comfortable to use and you are on the right track!

magento editionWith Australia’s businesses growing, the need for online shops is also increasing to connect to potential customers. Magento may not be as popular as WordPress, but it offers multitude of features and functions that are specially designed for businesses, from small to big ones.

Magento has two popular versions: Community Edition and Enterprise Edition.  Knowing the key features of these two editions will help business owners in determining which of these two can help their business grow.  Reliable and experienced Magento web developers will be  able to help you understand Magento editions and guide you to make sound decisions for your online shop using Magento.

Major Differences Between Magento Community and Enterprise Editions

Cost Factor

Since Magento Community is free to download and to use, this becomes the most powerful function of this edition. You can alter and change software to customise them and meet the requirements of the system. Magento Enterprise is a paid version but offers more advanced features and functionality.

 On Performance

Although Magento free version may meet the fundamental business requirements, there are times, especially when your business starts to grow, it may need more than the basic features. Magento Enterprise has extra extensions that can bring your online store to another level and bring more satisfaction to customers’ buying experience.

 On Features and Functions

Although Magento Community (free version) and Magento Enterprise (premium version) have the same purpose and core, the premium version has more advanced features which include advanced Catalog and Content Management System, Price and promotion permission, call center software, minimum advertised price, and more.

How to Choose the Right Edition for your Business

Both Magento editions, Magento Community and Magento Enterprise, are powerful channels for your business and choosing the right platform may be confusing. There are important factors to consider like costs, functionality, performance, and security. The free edition is cheaper or no cost at all may be the most practical option for your business.  Premium platforms like Magento Enterprise provides business owners the required advanced features to meet the demands of your growing business.

Since planning and building your online store are crucial, the concept of hiring the services of reliable Magento web developers should be welcomed. Their years of experience in building websites, including online stores, have trained them in guiding and giving technical advice to their clients. Initial consultation will provide them with the right Magento edition, the features and extensions that your online shop need to connect to people, bring satisfaction to customers, and generate sales revenues.

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