Building your Online Apparel Store with Magento Themes

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Competition online is high; you need to have unique and attractive apparel online store to attract more customers. How? Read on.

We have seen the growth of ecommerce in Australia and it continues to increase its demand. Records from NAB show that online sales mark a 5% of the total retail industry in 2011 which is equivalent to more than 10 billion. The rise of ecommerce was primarily due to convenience and flexibility it provides the customers. As long as there is internet access, then, wherever or whenever the customers want something, then it is just browse-and-click away.

If you are a business owner and considering to set up an online shop to connect to wider audience and market, you are on the right track. There may be some money involved but consider it as another investment for better sales revenues. Records dictate that apparel industry and related products are one of the top demands online.

Setting up an online shop is crucial because it is your showcase to your visitors who are your potential customers. Your online store should not be just anything but it should be unique that can attract people to stay for a while, view what you can offer them, and take order.

Magento is an open source platform that is primarily designed for online stores. Its features and functionality are geared towards convenience, scalability, security, and flexibility that provide satisfying buying experience to customers. Here are some suggested Magento themes that you can choose for your online stores. They are simple to install, customizable, and fully compatible with any device. Experienced Magento web developers can guide and assist you in setting up your Magento store and see to it that your online shop is running smoothly.

Option One : Tee Shirt Store theme

Tee Shirt store theme ideal for business owners who sell tee shirts for men and women, teeners and kids.

Option Two: Modern Fashion Store

Modern Fashion theme has attractive design with colorful header and footer and its sub-theme is white highlighting the store’s featured products and best sellers’ items. Promotional content is part of a three to four-image header banner. Homepage and drop down menu may be organised so that search for apparel is easy for the visitors.

Option Three: Modern Store

This modern store theme is a simple and clean design for apparel online shopping for all genders. Homepage may come in a rotational or slider header banner with three to four promotional product banners for every category.  Product pages can be designed where search can be made by category, by price, or by color. Every page has social media buttons embedded so that your visitors and customers can share your web page easily through any device.

 Suggested Key Features:

  • Compatibility with any device such as Windows iPad, iPhones, Blackberry, Android, Mac, and Windows Smartphones;
  • Supports major browsers;
  • Optimised for quick loading;
  • Complete admin control on slider images and text;
  • Product Filter feature by style, color, and/or by price;
  • Great showcase for featured products and best sellers categories; it has product image zoom capability;
  • Special menu style;
  • It has flexible layout
  • Fully CSS/DIV adherence; delivered with Adobe, .PSD files and fonts
  • Multiple View Options with slider for featured products
  • It has advanced features on product filtering with price slider, color and size, sleeve and brands boxes
  • Social media updates


Your Choice

Setting up your Magento online store may be easy and simple at a glance. There are online tutorials where you can learn on how to build and launch your website. magento themes

Another choice is hiring professional services of reliable Magento web developers who have technical knowledge and skills in setting up Magento online stores. They will be giving you with professional and technical advices and they will set up your online store as you want it to be. While they will be doing your website, you may perform your major tasks of managing your business. Launching of your online store will be done after your approval.


On a final note, it is your venture. It is your choice.

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